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Sustainable Services

The socially responsible firm is obligated to pursue the Triple Bottom Line philosophy: operating business in a way that is environmentally, socially and economically sound. TMC pursues this philosophy. 

The Environmental Bottom Line
The Marketing Clinic has streamlined its processes in recent years with a goal of reducing waste and recycling materials to the extent possible while maintaining confidentiality standards and requirements. These practices have dramatically reduced the consumption of paper and ink and the disposal of office consumables.

The Social and Humanistic Bottom Line
TMC is proud to have an employee-centered office. Work hours and breaks are designed to reduce the physical and emotional stress that can impact interviewing staff. Employees are able to structure their work around family commitments and the office is closed on Sundays to allow staff to spend time with family and friends. 

The Economic Bottom Line
TMC is a small, family-owned business. Its owners understand the value of money and they operate the business in a financially prudent fashion. TMC contributes to the business community by creating jobs and paying taxes, while also giving back in terms of providing free help for entrepreneurs through a variety of programs and resources. Last but not least, TMC makes a positive contribution to the community as a whole by donating services and money to charities and amateur sports.  

For more information about the TMC's sustainability policy, download our Statement of Sustainability.

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