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TMC prides itself on being a socially responsible organization. 
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Our Services

TMC provides a broad range of research and training services designed to deliver maximum value to clients. These services are provided quickly and efficiently. They are priced using a value-pricing approach that makes them affordable for most organizations. Non-profit organizations enjoy a discounted rate. TMC's services include, but are not limited to: 

  • feasibility studies for new organizations

  • positioning studies for existing organizations to help them better market their goods and services to for-profit or non-profit end-users

  • dynamic non-profit research and strategic planning focused on maximizing five key stakeholder groups (service users, corporate and private donors, paid staff and volunteers)

  • customer service audits for retailers and call centres

  • data collection for professionals and academic researchers

  • export readiness assessment and training

  • needs assessment and analysis

  • program analysis and evaluation

  • business and marketing plans

  • human resource surveys and analysis for benefits administration and planning

  • screening for international export partners and distribution chains

  • survey research (in person, online, mail, intercept)

  • focus group research (recruiting, design, moderation, analysis)

For more information about the services offered  download the Company Profile.

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